It takes a village

Here you can find helpful resources to support your journey as a parent. 

Paul&Jack Swaddles 

"Paul and Jack is a luxury brand that focuses on quality, multifunction and elegant unique designs. Aude and Maud, the owners and designers,  strive to create our Designer Swaddles with a perfect blend of kid friendly art prints with an adult friendly look, allowing a truly distinct point of view within the swaddle industry. "


Lactation Cookies

"Like many women, I struggled with producing enough milk to satisfy my babe. Cohl was a hungry little boy and I just couldn’t keep up with his demands.  Stress and postpartum anxiety set in and there were lots of times I just wanted to quit breastfeeding. I. Was. Tired!!  When someone recommended lactation cookies to me I wanted to run out and grab some but there were a lot of factors to consider.  My son had reflux so I was on a limited diet. I needed a cookie that was dairy free.  I also wanted to limit my intake of sugars and white flour. Oh, and most importantly, I wanted it to taste really good! When I came up short, I decided to bake my own."

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Healing Tea for Adults and Kids

"When I moved to the U.S. and got sick for the first time, I could not find the right products I needed at a pharmacy. Everything was so different, because I was used to having personal pharmacists guide me, one on one, who could give me my prescription, over the counter medicine, and/or personal herbal mixes to support my recovery. Unfortunately, I could not find this at the pharmacy next to my house in the States. I went home with my chemical power boosters that would help me feel better, but did not support or reduce my recovery time, as none of those ingredients were actually proven in studies in helping the body recover. 



I created Mama Wunderbar for people who are interested in a safe, proven way of healing; a way fueled by herbalism to actually help yourself get better, instead of just feel better. Our only intention is to add healing herbs and wellbeing to your life."